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Preston McSwain is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Fiduciary Wealth Partners.

After many years with large Wall Street Investment firms, Preston founded Fiduciary Wealth Partners (FWP) to form better same-side-of-the-table partnerships with clients, professional colleagues, and his community.

With his colleagues, he picked the word Fiduciary to make a statement about the standard of care they believe should apply in the wealth management business.

Fiduciary responsibility is important to Preston and his firm, and he encourages all to visit FWP’s Values page to learn more about their approach.

Wealth was chosen over words like investments or capital because Preston’s focus is on providing clients with integrated advice based on their plans.  FWP works to simplify the complex and provide full transparency into the structure and performance of wealth plans, so they are optimized to meet their partners’ goals, not the strategies or models of others.

Partners was picked to speak to the relationships FWP forms with clients.  When managing individual wealth, Preston and his business partners understand that they are being entrusted with money that is held for the benefit of family members and other important beneficiaries.  

Finally, driving Preston and FWP are values and ethics.  Many firms say they are different because they offer access to unique value added strategies or proprietary processes.  At Fiduciary Wealth Partners, Preston believes that what matters most is how people are treated.  

Preston’s firm strives to produce results that help our partners achieve their goals, but often are told that the greatest value they provide is transparency, simplicity and peace of mind.  

To learn more about us, please visit FWP’s Values, Transparency, Simplicity and Peace of Mind pages.

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