About SJM

In 2012, I founded SJM Fiduciary Advisors.  The firm is now called Fiduciary Wealth Partners, but the foundation of the firm is my family and the real SJM, my wife Susan, son Jack, and daughter Meghan.

Jack and Meghan are now getting older but each night I still always tell them, “all I do, I do for you.”

When I was thinking about starting the firm, I told Susan that if I did it, my hope was to build something special that can flourish by striving to always do the right thing for others (really be a true fiduciary).  She said that the family would be behind me and so, SJM Fiduciary Advisors, now Fiduciary Wealth Partners, was born.

I want Fiduciary Wealth Partners to be a home for talented professionals where they can work to form true partnerships with clients.  Every professional and client relationship is unique and requires personal commitment.  FWP believes we can thrive by putting the best interests of others first.  “All we do, we do for our clients.”

We want to make positive impacts on the professionals that we work with, the communities we live in, and the lives of our clients.

The following are principles that we believe are important to our success:

  • Providing superior service and advice to meet client specific needs, not the goals of others
  • Achieving top tier performance by providing innovative and creative solutions
  • Understanding complexity, but keeping solutions simple and transparent
  • Staying nimble and maintaining an entrepreneurial environment that challenges and rewards our professionals
  • Conducting our business with the highest of professional and ethical standards
  • Staying humble and always striving to improve

More on FWP and the culture that is important to my family and me can be found at the following links:

Our Values

Our Community


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