The Good Story

“Honey, I need to go.” When I woke up my wife to tell her this, it was still dark outside on Sunday, September 14th 2008. I had finally gotten at least a little sleep, after many calls and emails on Saturday had given me at least a little hope that my firm, Lehman Brothers, might … More The Good Story

Betting Like Buffett

Private Equity vs. Index Funds This past week, I posted a blog about how the presentation of private equity returns can sometimes be quite misleading. I will admit that the title was a little click baitish (Fake News), but the post was meant to draw attention to a practice that is worrying to many: The … More Betting Like Buffett

Fake News

Are some investors placing votes in favor of private equity based on fake news? According to a recent McKinsey & Company Global Private Equity Review, in 2017 private investment managers raised a record sum of nearly $750 billion globally. A few factors are driving this, but one is the strong belief that private investments have … More Fake News

Pavlov’s Brokers

Recently, I noticed a Tweet from Josh Brown (like me, a Reformed Broker) and a follow-on note from Dan Egan, who I had the pleasure of working with in the past at a brokerage firm (maybe he should be called the Reformed Behaviorist). Both focused on how incentives and stimuli can influence investor behavior. It … More Pavlov’s Brokers

Who Is Passive?

Based on My True Stories, I’ll Let You Decide While surfing Twitter recently, I noticed another long debate about the difference between passive and active investment management. When the debate turned to the meaning and use of the words “active” and “passive, I chimed in by sharing a brief tale of time I spent at … More Who Is Passive?

Don’t Let Your Portfolio Get Sacked – Version LII

Are you ready for the big game? The poised Boston champion Pats vs. City of Brotherly Love, Rocky-like underdog Eagles. Beyond the entertainment of the Super Bowl, the NFL runs a business that generates exceptional returns. If marketing is your game, you could do a lot worse than to follow the lead of the NFL. … More Don’t Let Your Portfolio Get Sacked – Version LII

Why I Don’t Make Forecasts

“A spectacular zero” and advice from Janet Yellen At the end of this post, I’ll explain the picture above and the advice Janet Yellen gave me.  To start, though, most people know that I run an investment advisory firm and that, in the past, I held senior positions inside large Wall Street firms, giving advice … More Why I Don’t Make Forecasts

How Can You Perform Better? Do Less

Working hard is important, but many studies and my experience suggest that, to perform better, we should slow down and do less. I wrote about this subject not long ago in a post titled, To Think Better, Goof Off and Go For A Walk . After returning from today’s morning walk, what did I find as … More How Can You Perform Better? Do Less

The Economy Has Improved but Many Have Been Left Behind

We all hear stories about growing economic inequality, but pictures do indeed speak a thousand words. Light colors represent counties in the U.S. that are growing. Darker colors illustrate those falling behind. Red highlights parts of the country that new research says are economically “distressed.” The chart above was published today at Axios and comes … More The Economy Has Improved but Many Have Been Left Behind

What Is Most Common Source of Beach Trash?

The picture might give this away, but to find out how a long-time beach patrol officer answered this question, and what my experience suggests, click the following: What Is the Leading Source of Beach and Ocean Trash? To learn more about ways to keep our oceans clean please also visit the website listed below. Clean … More What Is Most Common Source of Beach Trash?