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My firm, Fiduciary Wealth Partners, continues to grow and we continue to post our ideas at our blog, which can be found at the following link:

Fiduciary Ideas

Recently, Trust & Estates magazine and added me as a contributor and, in their most recent September 2015 hard copy issue, published my article titled, Are Hedge Funds Prudent for Taxable Investors?

The following are links to our other posts:

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What Would Yale Do If It Was Taxable?

When I started FWP a little over three years ago, I hoped to create a portal for ideas that put people in a position to be better consumers of investment and wealth management services.

I thank Trust & Estates and for helping us increase transparency and promote ideas that we hope will educate investors and place them in a better position to help them achieve their goals.


Preston McSwain is a Managing Partner and Founder of Fiduciary Wealth Partners, an SEC registered investment advisor committed to forming fiduciary wealth partnerships with clients, professional colleagues, and the community. To see more of his posts, and follow him on social media, please visit the following


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