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This blog was started a few years ago as a place to share provoking ideas.  I haven’t been as active as planned (life does get in the way sometimes), but hopefully it has gotten a few useful thoughts going.

In an effort to get back on track, but with a nod to the limits of my time (being a Dad and good husband come first, followed by my clients at FWP and my community activities), below is my first attempt at a periodic (aspiring to weekly but hopefully at least monthly) post of my thoughts, other blogs and articles that I hope will spark ideas.

My first nod goes to Shane Parrish and his Farnam Street Brain Food blog.  To give complete credit, I didn’t find this myself.  I was turned onto it by my old colleague and thought leader, Jack Rivkin.  Jack passed away in 2016 and it was a true loss.  He was one of the most thoughtful and ethical persons I have ever come across, especially in the investment industry.

I am sure I will forward quite a few provoking posts from Farnam Street, but also consider signing up yourself (see the first link below).  I don’t always agree with the articles, but they always make me think and add perspective.

The following are two of the most enjoyable reads of the week, with the Farnam Brain Food blog leading the way:

Breaking the Rules to Rise to Power
– Great post from 2011 that might be even more relavent today

Neanderthals Were People, Too
– An enlightening story about Neanderthals that also provokes consideration about whether our biases lead us to improper conclusions more often than we think

I hope you enjoy.

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