What Is Most Common Source of Beach Trash?

The picture might give this away, but to find out how a long-time beach patrol officer answered this question, and what my experience suggests, click the following: What Is the Leading Source of Beach and Ocean Trash? To learn more about ways to keep our oceans clean please also visit the website listed below. Clean … More What Is Most Common Source of Beach Trash?

World Oceans Day and Service To Others

Summer is upon us and thoughts of time at the beach or on the water are probably starting to enter all of our heads. During the day, I spend a lot of time talking about return on investment at my wealth management firm, Fiduciary Wealth Partners. Today, on World Oceans Day, we are taking time … More World Oceans Day and Service To Others

Trash to Cash – The Plastic Bank

“It’s money in the bank” is an old way of referring to the value of a sure thing. “Triple bottom line” is a relatively new way of accounting for the value of a business enterprise in terms of its generation of 1) Profit, and the value it adds to 2) People and 3) the Planet. … More Trash to Cash – The Plastic Bank

More Plastic In The Ocean Than Fish?

One garbage truck’s worth of plastic is being dumped into the sea every minute.  If no action is taken, the pace of this plastic pollution is expected to increase to two per minute by 2030 and four per minute by 2050. This and other sad statistics can be found in an Ellen MacArthur Foundation report … More More Plastic In The Ocean Than Fish?

World Oceans Day

All in my family and my firm, Fiduciary Wealth Partners, are taking time out today to celebrate World Oceans Day. Please help us support Clean Oceans! You can learn more at the following: World Oceans Day World Ocean Day Events   Preston McSwain is a Managing Partner and Founder of Fiduciary Wealth Partners, an SEC registered … More World Oceans Day

AMAZING Clean Ocean Update

On my family Clean Up Oceans website, we just posted an update on an innovative idea that we first mentioned last summer about the efforts of a then-19 year old, Boyan Slat (see Innovative Idea post). I am now pleased to find that this amazing and innovative idea to clean up our oceans has been funded and is … More AMAZING Clean Ocean Update

Lovely Walk Spoiled

My family and I are fortunate enough to be spending time again at our place on Martha’s Vineyard. Unfortunately, our morning walks continue to be spoiled by trash (by the way, mainly balloons – they do not create a happy birthday for the sea – more on this some day). Below is a picture from … More Lovely Walk Spoiled

Clean Up Oceans

I hope this finds all well and enjoying a nice July 4th holiday! SJM (my family) is spending time at the beach, and J&S (Jack and Meghan) have been concerned about the amount of trash we find in the sand every morning (on a beach that a few years ago for was trash free) and … More Clean Up Oceans