Clean Up Oceans

I hope this finds all well and enjoying a nice July 4th holiday!

SJM (my family) is spending time at the beach, and J&S (Jack and Meghan) have been concerned about the amount of trash we find in the sand every morning (on a beach that a few years ago for was trash free) and how it might be hurting whales, dolphins and other creatures of the sea.

The family knows that I have this personal website, and one for my firm, SJM Fiduciary, so encouraged me to set up a new site to promote clean oceans.

Daddy often can not say no to my little ones (Daddy please set up something to help the whales…) and so, yesterday, Clean Up Oceans was born.

The kids want to give back and hope that will make a little impact and help keep the oceans clean for many years to come.

Please click on Clean Up Oceans and spread the word about the importance of sustainable seas!

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